Well me and the wife back in 2011 bought a car from friendly ford in las vegas, nv we took what we had to cause our credit was not that good at that time. They kept picking different cars till they ended up getting us in a 2011 focus bottom of the line no power anything. The ford motor credit company told us come back in a year and we could get what we wanted if we made the high payments of $500 a month. Well we waited 13 months to go back to try to get us are truck we wanted. But because the wife started a new job a month and half prior they said no to the truck even though the new job paid more. So they went back on there word there. So we ended up getting a 2012 fusion se instead and they told us the same thing when we took that one. So we waited 18 months which brought us to this past sunday went to go get us are truck and they said no to it again. so we pick a better version of the fusion but a 2014 which was 25,000 minus rebates it came out to 22,900. We had a difference of 4,000 to add to the loan for the new car so that brought it 26,900 then they tried to pull a quick one by add a lot of money some where cause it came out to 38,900 for the loan and we could get approved for that so they just start picking random cars out to try and get us approved for. they ended getting us approved for a 2013 fusion that was white with tan seats. with a 8.9%apr. Mind you are first car apr was 0% and the 2012 fusion was 1.9% apr. need less to say they were trying to add to much fee’s for the car. the reason I know this cause we didn’t take the car they got us approved for and we went to dodge on 12/3/13 and ended up walking out three hours later with a 2014 dodge challenger with trade in added and rebates minus off the total and all other fee’s added the total came out to just under 32,000. and the charger started off as a 30,000 dollar car rebates took it down to 25,000 which was more that what the total of the 2013 ford fusion they got us approved on was at 22,900 after rebates. you tell me who screwed who here. After this I would not recommend ford to anyone. They don’t keep there word and they do what ever they want to get you approved to get in to a new car for the sale. even if you didn’t pick it out yourself. happy with dodge they took just under 3 hours to do everything and get us out the lot with are car. Ford on the other hand could not do it under 6 hours each time. So in my opinion is dodge is better at customer service and getting things done quick. SO GO DODGE IF YOU WANT A GOOD CAR. FORD CARS DONT LAST!!!



I recently found a new hobby cause I’m home not working. bored being stuck at home I decide to pick up a hobby of making homemade jams. I have figured out how to make different flavors of berries for jams some a little more expensive than others. I’ve made triple berry jam, strawberry jam, blueberry jam, blackberry jam, I can mix any kind of berry for jams. depending on how much it cost to make depends on what I charge. I just want to stick my feelers out there and see how many people would be willing to buy from me if I started to sell. Still experimenting with cinnamon apple and chocolate strawberry jams. working on thinking of flavors that are not seen to often that people might like. if anyone has an idea on what flavors people would buy if I made them please send an e-mail to me at BRATSMAN2009@YAHOO.COM if you are interested in prices I will be happy to give you prices via e-mail.

the prices will vary depending on the cost of the fruit at the time and how much it takes of each fruit to make the jam.

Two Ways To Increase Your Sales Overnight

If you are planning to build up your own business, you have to be  ready for the challenges that you have to face.

Knowing that the business industries nowadays are growing larger, competition between different businesses are getting tougher.

The virtual world is not an exception to this. So if you have an online business, you have to come up with ways that you can generate more sales than your competitors.

Once you’re successful enough to establish your own business online, you should move on to coming up with ways on how to increase your sales overnight.

Offer After A Purchase

Do you know that offering your customers more after a purchase can be a good way to double your sales overnight? And why is that so?

Think about it. When your customer just got done with a purchase, he or she is still in the mood of shopping which is a good time for you to offer more products and services related to what has just been availed of.

That said, don’t just leave your customers to a closing thank you page after their initial purchase, but rather a page that contains some of the best deals that they can take advantage of.

Offer Discounted Items

Once you have your product lines updated, chances are you will just leave your old products behind and focus more on what’s new. Well, that’s a wrong move.

Your old product line can actually be your biggest income makers while you’re still on the process of featuring your new ones.

As a tip, have a category tagged as “discounted offers” on your web page which basically contains older versions of what you’re offering your audience.

As you may know, there will always be people who will seek for economic materials regardless of oldness as long as quality and functionality standards are still met.

That is true and to make that strategy even better, pressure your customers by having those discounted items on a limited period. You will surely have a booming sales increase overnight. 


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SEO Basics That You Need To Understand

Understanding SEO basics is vital to ensure that you know how the search engines like Google and Yahoo Search work.

When you know how they work, you’ll be able to get your websites, web 2.0 webpages, and all sorts of articles online ranking high on Google.

One of the first things you need to know is that Google ranks websites based on what they scan through whenever they visit a site.

So, if they see a website that has the word “get rid of pimples today” all over the site, Google will basically try to put that website on the search engines for that specific keyword.

This is to ensure that those who want help or information in this area will see your article, as Google only wants to help people find what they really need.

Of course, even if your site says all of the keywords over and over again, if there aren’t any backlinks generated for the site, you won’t see the site climbing up the rankings. This is called off-page optimization.

You need to make sure that you have other websites linking back to your site. Google only wants to rank high quality, authority level websites that are popular online.

How do you get your site to be popular and authority level in Google’s eye? By having other sites linking back to yours.

This can be done by leaving your URL on other blog networks, leaving your URL on Yahoo Answers, writing articles online and putting your URL at the bottom, along with many other kinds of ways.

In addition, you need to make sure your page is optimized for search engines. This is called on-page optimization. Your web page title, description, and keywords should include your main keywords/key phrases you’re targeting.

Now that you know how it works, start broadening your understanding on the topic of SEO. Continue to learn how to use SEO tactics into your marketing, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes if ever your site doesn’t rank high right away.



How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking to make money online, then you should certainly think about affiliate marketing. This is arguably the best and easiest way to be able to sell something online because it requires very little work on your part.

People will create the product and your job is to simply sell it. You will be the creators sales person and you will get a good percentage from the purchase. A lot of affiliate marketers will give about 50% and this is a great way to make extra money online.


The nice thing about these affiliate programs is that the products simply sell themselves. All you have to do is find the customers and try to get them to buy the product. In order to do this, you will need to find a way to present the product and to help convince them to buy it. Whether it is through a blog, video or an article, you will need to find a way to get some leads and to convert them into buyers.

A good place to start that will not take time to develop is simply your Facebook page. You will have plenty of prospective buyers and you simply just need to introduce the product to them. However, you will need to be careful with this because you do not want to be too pushy. A lot of people hate advertisements on Facebook and so you will need to do it in a subtle way.

If you are able to find a way to get more people to buy your affiliate product, then you will be one step closer towards making money online.

Whether it is a weight loss program, a make money online program or any other affiliate product out there, it will solely be up to your marketing efforts to make the sale.



 Well I started with a at home business that’s an affiliate marketing group has two sections to it. So far I’m a silver team leader and doing okay so far. you got to do a lot of advertising to get sign-ups to help get your business going. But this company must be doing something right because it’s been around for 26 years and they are still growing strong. Only problem I have seen among new member is they quit cause they see all this reading material. Well that reading material is there to help you learn on what this is all about and how to go about expanding your business. There is a forum that you can post questions to if you need help. you can do a lot of reading in the forum to learn a lot about the business. I’ve have learned a lot about this so far in my 16 days with doing it. I will say it’s quite addictive once you figure it out. A lot of people seem to forget about is they have to spend a little to make anything, you can’t to expect anything for free. It’s just like any other business opportunity there just no building to rent no utilities no product to buy. you just have to promote the program and help it expand. I my self have found it hard to find people that are really willing to put a full effort in to it. for more information on a great opportunity. click link down below. just remember this ain’t no get rich quick scheme you have to really work at it to make it work.


Home based businesses on the internet

This is how I see it, there are many websites out there advertising make so much money a month. and they say do it for free. I ran through a lot of these websites to check them out and to see if they truly are free. so far 100% of them are not free they want you to buy something to help make the money. I have ran across one called SFI it does have some stuff that you can do for free on it. but in order truly make money you going to have to put out some money out of your pocket. they also have a program called tripleclicks to go with it. Here is a link to SFI http://www.sfi4.com/11803071.12/FREE. Please go try it. I know real people that have made money off this home based business. there is one thing a lot of these home based websites don’t tell you and that’s you got to have money to make money. if you got the extra money to put out to help start making money this will work for you. But let me tell you it will take a few months to start seeing the benefits of spending the money. It’s just like any other business adventure that you would take to run a business. You got to spend the money to make the money. so don’

t get discouraged when you don’t see anything the first couple months I know a few people that took at least 6 months before they saw any money coming back to them. Well when you sign up for SFI make sure you sign up for triple clicks. there will be a link on your home page for it. even if you don’t like SFI you might like tripleclicks for there auctions they have. Tripleclicks has some good stuff all the time up for auction. I personally have just started still following all the training stuff on there and I have made the first level up from just affiliate in the matter of a couple of hours. i’m also promoting the sfi through CLICKVOYAGER which is a traffic exchange that I prefer to use over any of the others. Just remember nothing is ever free so don’t fall for those websites that say that something is free.
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