Hey everyone if you remember right, in my first blog post I did I mentioned a code for a simple flyby banner for advertisements. Well today I thought about it long and hard, and I’m going to hand out the code for that flyby banner. Now I’m going to show you the simple HTML code for it. You don’t need any fancy PHP or java code to do a flyby banner. I remember one simple phrases one of my teacher always said when i did go to school it was K.I.S.S which means KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID, well alot of designer have seem to have forgotten this phrase. well this code is keeping coding simple. Why use a long drawn out code to do something you can do with a basic HTML code. And my code for the flyby works as a link to a website if you want it to. I will put instruction’s following the code on how to use it and where to put it in your html code so it works. Now here is the whole code copy and paste it.

<div style=”z-index: 1;position:absolute;”><marquee direction=”” scrollamount=”” hspace=”” vspace=”” loop=”” scrolldelay=””><a href=”your website link here”><img src=”file location for image goes here”></a></marquee></div>

STEP 1: Put code after the closing body tag.

STEP 2:enter the direction you want the flyby to go example up, down, left or right put one of these between the quotation marks for direction.

STEP 3: Adjust the speed in which you want the flyby to go i would not go above an 11, Put a number between 1-11 in the quotation marks for scrollamount.

STEP 4: Position is where you want your flyby banner to start at for coming across the screen, HSPACE is left or right so put a number there between the quotation marks on that, VSPACE is up and down same here put a number between the quotation mark. you will either have negative numbers or positive number to position it it can be anywhere from -300 to 800 I believe the closer to the left side you want it the higher the negative number same for the up position it will be a negative number

STEP 5: The loop equals how many times you want your flyby to come across the screen

STEP 6: The image src is where you put your image file location. or you can take out the img src code and put text in it and it will work the same but less chance of people clicking it.

STEP 8: Scrolldelay equal how long you want it to wait before it comes up on the screen but like the rest the number for it goes in between the quotation marks.

STEP 7: Repeat all steps if you want it to come up in different spots on the page.

There you go this was your first freebie in HTML codes I created. As I come up with more I will put them up here for you to use. It would be greatly appreciated if you put credit for this some where on your site for this in someway or another back to me, you can put a link to my blog saying this is were you got your code for the simple flyby banner, this way other can get the code to. The website designs I come up with I make templates for them for my customer or just cause I can make them. The website designs that people like me come up with allow them to be creative in there own way like a artist with there paints. For me I love using the creative side of my brain it’s fun and challenging for me. IF YOU WANT A WEBSITE DESIGN DONE BY ME, GIVE ME A CALL AT (702)776-0608 OR EMAIL ME AT BRATSMAN2009@YAHOO.COM !!!! the more people i get that follow me the more often I will post a new blog. so Please share my blog with Friends and family that are in to this stuff



  1. Thanks for some other informative web site. The place else
    may just I get that type of information written in such a perfect method?
    I’ve a mission that I am just now operating on, and I’ve
    been at the glance out for such information.

    1. your welcome the more people I can reach out to in any field and help them out in some way or another. I like your blog that you have written it’s very infomitive when it comes to informing people about aggresion. which can be a very bad thing. I’m personally trying to reach out to people and hopefully convince people thats it’s not all about the education from school. give someone a chance if they say they know how to do it. they maybe able to do it better than someone who has a colleg degree in the field.

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