The Way it use to be for Website Designers

Back in the mid 1990’s website designers were self-taught. There were no schools that taught the coding for this field. Now days there are a lot of schools that teach it. Back then the companies that designed the internet taught people they hired to do the designs for websites. You had big companies like Microsoft and a few other big companies that had designed internet programs so people could see websites. You had Internet Explorer and Netscape two of the biggest internet browsers that hired and taught people, there was no need for a college degree. I personally think companies need to look back into the old days and realize it’s not all about the college degree, there are people out there that can do awesome designs with out a college degree. Some people like me are self-taught. And what I mean by self-taught is gone out and picked up books on coding. There are plenty of books out there on coding, I know this because I own a few of them my self and there all less than a year old. I plan on but a few more books on PHP and JAVA so I can learn those better. But trying to find a job is way out of the question, because all companies that hire new programmers want at least a bachelor’s degree in website design. I know I’m not the best programmer out there. But it’s not always about coding a website for functionality, it’s also about looks. The appearance of a website is also important, well I can do both parts of website design and I’m self-taught. I’ve spent countless hours reading books on how to code a website and what appearances should look like. I personally think people should not design all website based off one or three template designs. I personally can come up with more designs from scratch. And that’s a sad thing that most website designers go around the internet and get ideas from other website pages and combine them in their own designs. I thought that was a bad thing to do, I create all my design from my head none are the same in my head. I always tweak a page in some way or form. This is the reason I have decided to start my own business for website design. I want to prove to a lot of people, that the little man can do just as good if not better than someone who has a website design degree. So I have two thing that I’m trying to do prove these big companies wrong in that you don’t need a degree in website design to be good and to prove to myself that I got what it take to be successful at running a business. So thus begins my journey at the age of thirty, I have got my business license and need one more thing to make it official that I can do business and I need to start advertising my business. I will be able to get the rest of the stuff I need this week. Website design to me is supposed to be fun but challenging. It allows some people to be creative just like and artist with their paints. Myself I love being very creative and this allows be creative and a lot of people would see my designs. And whats nice I don’t have to sit around and wait for someone to buy my design of some page, because someone has already paid for the design. I can always come up with a new design and code it in the program I use. So as always think about the programmers out there that are self-taught, a lot of them would love to have a full-time job and a chance to prove themselves at what they do. So if you know of a job and a person that is self-taught. Maybe talk to a boss at your company and help them get that chance. So as always here’s my closing comments. if you have ideas for something I can blog about give me some hints. SO IF YOU WANT A WEBSITE DESIGNED FOR EITHER PERSONAL OR BUSINESS USE GIVE ME A CALL ME AT (702)776-0608 OR E-MAIL ME AT BRATSMAN2009@YAHOO.COM


5 thoughts on “The Way it use to be for Website Designers”

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  2. A large number of people working in technology have no technology-related qualifications – in programming especially, where there’s a significant difference between completing a Computer Science course & being able to design and develop software.

    I myself am self-taught and in full-time employment. I got there by working freelance and building up a reputation. Ultimately, employers just want to know that you can do the job, however you choose to prove it.

    1. I agree employers want to know you know how to do it but alot of freelance jobs are just hard to get. I tried on a freelance job website for website design jobs. I bid on a couple of jobs none came through. I had one post a comment back to a bid I posted that the bid was to high. but the problem was it was at the bottom of there acceptance price. So it’s hard to prove yourself when alot of people wont give a chance. All jobs i’ve seen for employers want people with at least a bachelor’s degree in website design and 3-4 years experience. I have even called some of these jobs and they have said they wont hire someone with out a college education.

      1. My first freelance job was 11 hours of PHP work, for which I charged $5. I actually didn’t get paid; the guy just did a runner.

        Those freelance sites host many con men and wannabe professionals. The feedback system (reputation, comments, reviews etc) is invaluable in this regard – and when starting out, you should focus on building that reputation, even if it means working tiny jobs or charging far below what you feel a job is worth.

        In time, you’ll be able to push your prices back up, as people will be happy to pay knowing that you’re more likely to deliver the goods.

        1. yeah I dont mind going low on my prices for a job, so I can start getting the experience. but when people put an amount up for their budget and you under bid the budget and they leave a comment back that says you bid was way to high, it really discourages you. if you can tell me a good site to get jobs out of that people might give me a chance to prove my self as a designer.

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