The crst dispatchers are okay they have there problems, like lieing to you about thing said or done. the companies nick name is the crash roll stunt team. They have that name for a reason, the driver know how to roll a truck with ease. they do it a lot, most of them being company drivers. The lease purchase program they have seems to be the best I have found among all the companies I have researched. they pay there lease purchase operators 70% of the gross of the load and a fuel sure charge to cover there fuel. most of the lease purchase drivers are trainers for the company that seems the only way to make money with them as one. Solo runs just don’t pay enough for the week. If you go through one of there driving schools you have to sign a 8 month contract. Then you can go lease purchase driver. you can’t get out of the contract so if your unhappy your stuck. You can quit the job but you won’t be able to get another job any where driving cause as soon as someone hires you they go after that company for hiring you while under contract that you broke. And unless that employer is willing to pay off that law suit so they can keep you, that company will fire you. which in cases you with the only option to go back to crst to finish the contract off so you can find another job. One thing I have seen is not to many people stick around to be lease purchase cause they get tired of the bull shit this company puts you through. If you do stick around and go lease purchase it does get better with those dispatchers. If they can’t get you a load from them you can go to a load board to get a load and they allow you to use there trailer to haul that load but you have to pay them 30% percent of that load. We all know there’s loop holes in the system I won’t mention on how to screw a company so they get less money out of the load you take from some where else but. Usually they wont take long to find you a load once you threaten to go get you own load. I’ve been with an owner operator as a trainee and told him to tell them I will find a load and they had us a load in 3 hours. Most of the staff at the terminals are pretty nice. There is one staff member at the riverside terminal that everyone calls the neo Nazi bitch, because she is so rude to drivers and everyone else, she has no personal communication skills. The driving school
they put students through will pass anyone to get the money from crst that they pay them for putting us through. My class was about 30 strong when it started the first day but by day 3 we were down to about 18 and that’s what graduated. mind you the school is only 10 days long so it’s a major quick crash course in how to drive a truck in 5 days of driving each student is luck to get 5 hours drive time, unless that you show you have experience then they tend to get you a lot more drive time. If looking for job with them let me know so I can help you get through.