I recently found a new hobby cause I’m home not working. bored being stuck at home I decide to pick up a hobby of making homemade jams. I have figured out how to make different flavors of berries for jams some a little more expensive than others. I’ve made triple berry jam, strawberry jam, blueberry jam, blackberry jam, I can mix any kind of berry for jams. depending on how much it cost to make depends on what I charge. I just want to stick my feelers out there and see how many people would be willing to buy from me if I started to sell. Still experimenting with cinnamon apple and chocolate strawberry jams. working on thinking of flavors that are not seen to often that people might like. if anyone has an idea on what flavors people would buy if I made them please send an e-mail to me at BRATSMAN2009@YAHOO.COM if you are interested in prices I will be happy to give you prices via e-mail.

the prices will vary depending on the cost of the fruit at the time and how much it takes of each fruit to make the jam.


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