Well me and the wife back in 2011 bought a car from friendly ford in las vegas, nv we took what we had to cause our credit was not that good at that time. They kept picking different cars till they ended up getting us in a 2011 focus bottom of the line no power anything. The ford motor credit company told us come back in a year and we could get what we wanted if we made the high payments of $500 a month. Well we waited 13 months to go back to try to get us are truck we wanted. But because the wife started a new job a month and half prior they said no to the truck even though the new job paid more. So they went back on there word there. So we ended up getting a 2012 fusion se instead and they told us the same thing when we took that one. So we waited 18 months which brought us to this past sunday went to go get us are truck and they said no to it again. so we pick a better version of the fusion but a 2014 which was 25,000 minus rebates it came out to 22,900. We had a difference of 4,000 to add to the loan for the new car so that brought it 26,900 then they tried to pull a quick one by add a lot of money some where cause it came out to 38,900 for the loan and we could get approved for that so they just start picking random cars out to try and get us approved for. they ended getting us approved for a 2013 fusion that was white with tan seats. with a 8.9%apr. Mind you are first car apr was 0% and the 2012 fusion was 1.9% apr. need less to say they were trying to add to much fee’s for the car. the reason I know this cause we didn’t take the car they got us approved for and we went to dodge on 12/3/13 and ended up walking out three hours later with a 2014 dodge challenger with trade in added and rebates minus off the total and all other fee’s added the total came out to just under 32,000. and the charger started off as a 30,000 dollar car rebates took it down to 25,000 which was more that what the total of the 2013 ford fusion they got us approved on was at 22,900 after rebates. you tell me who screwed who here. After this I would not recommend ford to anyone. They don’t keep there word and they do what ever they want to get you approved to get in to a new car for the sale. even if you didn’t pick it out yourself. happy with dodge they took just under 3 hours to do everything and get us out the lot with are car. Ford on the other hand could not do it under 6 hours each time. So in my opinion is dodge is better at customer service and getting things done quick. SO GO DODGE IF YOU WANT A GOOD CAR. FORD CARS DONT LAST!!!