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First off so everyone know’s I’ve now tried to get a job driving a truck with C.R.England twice now to no avail. I want everyone to know the truth about them there a run of the mill training school school, there recruiters lie to you about everything that goes on there. these recruiters just tell you what you want to hear so they can get there commission for you showing up to the school, it don’t matter to them that you don’t make it through there driving school they still get paid for you just showing up. I was down there back in august on the 28 of 2012 and i was told by one of there medical staff member located at one of there other schools all i need was a release from my doctor saying i was okay to drive trucks. so i got that and made down there for there school the doctor at that school cleared me medically cause i was told that by another medical staff at another school. and that’s after I had already paid the 50$ admin fee and the 25$ to get from the greyhound to there hotel. so after being cleared the first day medically i went out and bought 200$ worth of grocieries at the Wal-Mart down the street. from the hotel so i can survive the 16 days of the schooling. i get an to class the next day and make it through half day before they pull me in to the medical clinic and tell me i had to be on my meds for six months, well i was a month and a half short of that the doctor there said i could come back after I’ve been on my meds for the six month period. they paid for my bus ticket home but it still cost me another 25$ to get back to the greyhound so i could get home. i wait a until i have been on the meds a year now. i just went to back to there school on may 6th after being cleared by one of there other doctors up in salt lake city Utah. and i get there and the doctor starts playing these dang games saying he never told me that i could be on the meds and come back well it’s all in there file and i already had cleareance from another one of there doctors so he signed my medical card of but i had to wait until he got that cleareance letter from that doctor. well i finish the first day then came back the second day had almost all my paper work done and still wasn’t getting my application to make sure everything was good on it. so i call my recruiter and see if he can find out anything on what’s going on with my stuff. he call’s me and tells me i need to go talk to the medical staff and they tell me there sending me home. i start to lose my cool they call security in to calm me down they go around talk to staff to see what they can find out. and there told i was marked as a non-rehire the first time i left there and that i should have never made it back. but the recruiter sent me there even though it was in the records well this time it cost me 200$ in gas to get there and home. i had a few staff member that said they would help me out with recommendation for other jobs with in the company. Now the school president is running around and putting a block to all possibility of me getting a job with the company. and i can get a hold of the people that said they would help me. with these people your just a number to them. Now i’m looking to open a class action law suit with anyone that has been screwed by these guy’s. so if you have please leave your name and number. and we will work together to get reimbursed for the money they cost us and the time we lost in our life cause of them….