The crst dispatchers are okay they have there problems, like lieing to you about thing said or done. the companies nick name is the crash roll stunt team. They have that name for a reason, the driver know how to roll a truck with ease. they do it a lot, most of them being company drivers. The lease purchase program they have seems to be the best I have found among all the companies I have researched. they pay there lease purchase operators 70% of the gross of the load and a fuel sure charge to cover there fuel. most of the lease purchase drivers are trainers for the company that seems the only way to make money with them as one. Solo runs just don’t pay enough for the week. If you go through one of there driving schools you have to sign a 8 month contract. Then you can go lease purchase driver. you can’t get out of the contract so if your unhappy your stuck. You can quit the job but you won’t be able to get another job any where driving cause as soon as someone hires you they go after that company for hiring you while under contract that you broke. And unless that employer is willing to pay off that law suit so they can keep you, that company will fire you. which in cases you with the only option to go back to crst to finish the contract off so you can find another job. One thing I have seen is not to many people stick around to be lease purchase cause they get tired of the bull shit this company puts you through. If you do stick around and go lease purchase it does get better with those dispatchers. If they can’t get you a load from them you can go to a load board to get a load and they allow you to use there trailer to haul that load but you have to pay them 30% percent of that load. We all know there’s loop holes in the system I won’t mention on how to screw a company so they get less money out of the load you take from some where else but. Usually they wont take long to find you a load once you threaten to go get you own load. I’ve been with an owner operator as a trainee and told him to tell them I will find a load and they had us a load in 3 hours. Most of the staff at the terminals are pretty nice. There is one staff member at the riverside terminal that everyone calls the neo Nazi bitch, because she is so rude to drivers and everyone else, she has no personal communication skills. The driving school
they put students through will pass anyone to get the money from crst that they pay them for putting us through. My class was about 30 strong when it started the first day but by day 3 we were down to about 18 and that’s what graduated. mind you the school is only 10 days long so it’s a major quick crash course in how to drive a truck in 5 days of driving each student is luck to get 5 hours drive time, unless that you show you have experience then they tend to get you a lot more drive time. If looking for job with them let me know so I can help you get through.


a review on a persons homebased business

The website I’m reviewing is is a well designed website which is currently up and running, with an internet marketing resources section, affiliate entrepreneur area, along with other sections in the center of the page for more services. There are a few package programs located towards the bottom of the page. There is one package offered that is a word press site builder video package, the other one is a free book download if you subscribe to the persons mailing list. There is a link on the page for an article factory that will provide assistance to write an article. At the bottom of the page are ten banners to locate the top traffic exchanges that are free to join. Next is a section that has five more banners of top recommend products from In all this person has put a website together that will help you get your own home based business running and if you need questions answered the owner of the website has a chat box that goes to them directly, and they respond to you in a timely manner. This is one of the top websites for articles and other link out there. This will take to product called secrets to free web hosting. This has the product word press site builder, next go to which will take you to a page that will have a product that will teach you on how to drive traffic to you website but you have to subscribe to this product.


First off so everyone know’s I’ve now tried to get a job driving a truck with C.R.England twice now to no avail. I want everyone to know the truth about them there a run of the mill training school school, there recruiters lie to you about everything that goes on there. these recruiters just tell you what you want to hear so they can get there commission for you showing up to the school, it don’t matter to them that you don’t make it through there driving school they still get paid for you just showing up. I was down there back in august on the 28 of 2012 and i was told by one of there medical staff member located at one of there other schools all i need was a release from my doctor saying i was okay to drive trucks. so i got that and made down there for there school the doctor at that school cleared me medically cause i was told that by another medical staff at another school. and that’s after I had already paid the 50$ admin fee and the 25$ to get from the greyhound to there hotel. so after being cleared the first day medically i went out and bought 200$ worth of grocieries at the Wal-Mart down the street. from the hotel so i can survive the 16 days of the schooling. i get an to class the next day and make it through half day before they pull me in to the medical clinic and tell me i had to be on my meds for six months, well i was a month and a half short of that the doctor there said i could come back after I’ve been on my meds for the six month period. they paid for my bus ticket home but it still cost me another 25$ to get back to the greyhound so i could get home. i wait a until i have been on the meds a year now. i just went to back to there school on may 6th after being cleared by one of there other doctors up in salt lake city Utah. and i get there and the doctor starts playing these dang games saying he never told me that i could be on the meds and come back well it’s all in there file and i already had cleareance from another one of there doctors so he signed my medical card of but i had to wait until he got that cleareance letter from that doctor. well i finish the first day then came back the second day had almost all my paper work done and still wasn’t getting my application to make sure everything was good on it. so i call my recruiter and see if he can find out anything on what’s going on with my stuff. he call’s me and tells me i need to go talk to the medical staff and they tell me there sending me home. i start to lose my cool they call security in to calm me down they go around talk to staff to see what they can find out. and there told i was marked as a non-rehire the first time i left there and that i should have never made it back. but the recruiter sent me there even though it was in the records well this time it cost me 200$ in gas to get there and home. i had a few staff member that said they would help me out with recommendation for other jobs with in the company. Now the school president is running around and putting a block to all possibility of me getting a job with the company. and i can get a hold of the people that said they would help me. with these people your just a number to them. Now i’m looking to open a class action law suit with anyone that has been screwed by these guy’s. so if you have please leave your name and number. and we will work together to get reimbursed for the money they cost us and the time we lost in our life cause of them….

Freelance Job Websites

Freelance job websites like these , , and are good for people to work from home. But these sites do have one major down fall, they do not report the jobs to the labor bureau, so it can help the employment rate go up. They just leave it to the people to find these sites. Then you still have the problem that a lot of the people who offer jobs still want you to prove your experience for the work they offer. So we go back to-day old age of how do you get the experience if no one will give you a chance to show what kind of work you can do. I mean a lot of people want you to prove your work experience or show that they have some kinda of degree. Then we go to the subject how do people who are self-taught get the full-time jobs or the freelance jobs if none of them have a degree or the experience. What happened to the day of entry-level jobs that didn’t require a degree or experience, now days what employers call entry-level is not entry-level. I personally want to reach out to all the people who are self-taught at what ever profession they have chosen in life and try to help them find  jobs with the help of others. Weather it be freelance jobs or full-time employment in their area. This is america people a place were we should help one another in the time of need. I personally think freelance job websites are great for people who can so they have experience at what they do, but for the ones who can’t show any experience these sites are just not relevant. The people on these sites that offer the job  are looking to get jobs done cheap and not at the price of a big corporation doing their job for them. That’s especially true for people who want websites done. I have researched the website design career field its projected to grow 18% by the year 2018. I don’t know how its going to grow jobs, when a lot of people are turning to these do it your self website design websites that might only have two or three design templates for websites. And yes a lot of these website give you different options to design you website but to move stuff around to different positions and they get their websites at cheap prices. But what a lot of people don’t realize people get tired of looking at the same old layouts over and over. So eventually they will have to go to a real website designer and not just some website that allows you to create one. we need to raise up get these sites shut down and go to companies or individuals and let them design are websites. Everyone needs to go back to quit worrying weather or not someones got the work experience or the college degree. There is a lot of people out there that are self-taught. Break a bone and give people a chance to prove themselves. Hey look at professional writers or artist a lot of people give them a chance by buying there books or their art work after its been published or discover by some major artist. Lets expand it to all career field give someone a chance that says they can do the job. I’m self-taught and I’ve learned more than i was taught from three different schools. College education is not all it’s hyped up to be. As always IF YOU NEED A WEBSITE DONE GIVE ME A CALL AT (702)776-0608 OR E-MAIL ME AT BRATSMAN2009@YAHOO.COM

The Way it use to be for Website Designers

Back in the mid 1990’s website designers were self-taught. There were no schools that taught the coding for this field. Now days there are a lot of schools that teach it. Back then the companies that designed the internet taught people they hired to do the designs for websites. You had big companies like Microsoft and a few other big companies that had designed internet programs so people could see websites. You had Internet Explorer and Netscape two of the biggest internet browsers that hired and taught people, there was no need for a college degree. I personally think companies need to look back into the old days and realize it’s not all about the college degree, there are people out there that can do awesome designs with out a college degree. Some people like me are self-taught. And what I mean by self-taught is gone out and picked up books on coding. There are plenty of books out there on coding, I know this because I own a few of them my self and there all less than a year old. I plan on but a few more books on PHP and JAVA so I can learn those better. But trying to find a job is way out of the question, because all companies that hire new programmers want at least a bachelor’s degree in website design. I know I’m not the best programmer out there. But it’s not always about coding a website for functionality, it’s also about looks. The appearance of a website is also important, well I can do both parts of website design and I’m self-taught. I’ve spent countless hours reading books on how to code a website and what appearances should look like. I personally think people should not design all website based off one or three template designs. I personally can come up with more designs from scratch. And that’s a sad thing that most website designers go around the internet and get ideas from other website pages and combine them in their own designs. I thought that was a bad thing to do, I create all my design from my head none are the same in my head. I always tweak a page in some way or form. This is the reason I have decided to start my own business for website design. I want to prove to a lot of people, that the little man can do just as good if not better than someone who has a website design degree. So I have two thing that I’m trying to do prove these big companies wrong in that you don’t need a degree in website design to be good and to prove to myself that I got what it take to be successful at running a business. So thus begins my journey at the age of thirty, I have got my business license and need one more thing to make it official that I can do business and I need to start advertising my business. I will be able to get the rest of the stuff I need this week. Website design to me is supposed to be fun but challenging. It allows some people to be creative just like and artist with their paints. Myself I love being very creative and this allows be creative and a lot of people would see my designs. And whats nice I don’t have to sit around and wait for someone to buy my design of some page, because someone has already paid for the design. I can always come up with a new design and code it in the program I use. So as always think about the programmers out there that are self-taught, a lot of them would love to have a full-time job and a chance to prove themselves at what they do. So if you know of a job and a person that is self-taught. Maybe talk to a boss at your company and help them get that chance. So as always here’s my closing comments. if you have ideas for something I can blog about give me some hints. SO IF YOU WANT A WEBSITE DESIGNED FOR EITHER PERSONAL OR BUSINESS USE GIVE ME A CALL ME AT (702)776-0608 OR E-MAIL ME AT BRATSMAN2009@YAHOO.COM


Hey everyone if you remember right, in my first blog post I did I mentioned a code for a simple flyby banner for advertisements. Well today I thought about it long and hard, and I’m going to hand out the code for that flyby banner. Now I’m going to show you the simple HTML code for it. You don’t need any fancy PHP or java code to do a flyby banner. I remember one simple phrases one of my teacher always said when i did go to school it was K.I.S.S which means KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID, well alot of designer have seem to have forgotten this phrase. well this code is keeping coding simple. Why use a long drawn out code to do something you can do with a basic HTML code. And my code for the flyby works as a link to a website if you want it to. I will put instruction’s following the code on how to use it and where to put it in your html code so it works. Now here is the whole code copy and paste it.

<div style=”z-index: 1;position:absolute;”><marquee direction=”” scrollamount=”” hspace=”” vspace=”” loop=”” scrolldelay=””><a href=”your website link here”><img src=”file location for image goes here”></a></marquee></div>

STEP 1: Put code after the closing body tag.

STEP 2:enter the direction you want the flyby to go example up, down, left or right put one of these between the quotation marks for direction.

STEP 3: Adjust the speed in which you want the flyby to go i would not go above an 11, Put a number between 1-11 in the quotation marks for scrollamount.

STEP 4: Position is where you want your flyby banner to start at for coming across the screen, HSPACE is left or right so put a number there between the quotation marks on that, VSPACE is up and down same here put a number between the quotation mark. you will either have negative numbers or positive number to position it it can be anywhere from -300 to 800 I believe the closer to the left side you want it the higher the negative number same for the up position it will be a negative number

STEP 5: The loop equals how many times you want your flyby to come across the screen

STEP 6: The image src is where you put your image file location. or you can take out the img src code and put text in it and it will work the same but less chance of people clicking it.

STEP 8: Scrolldelay equal how long you want it to wait before it comes up on the screen but like the rest the number for it goes in between the quotation marks.

STEP 7: Repeat all steps if you want it to come up in different spots on the page.

There you go this was your first freebie in HTML codes I created. As I come up with more I will put them up here for you to use. It would be greatly appreciated if you put credit for this some where on your site for this in someway or another back to me, you can put a link to my blog saying this is were you got your code for the simple flyby banner, this way other can get the code to. The website designs I come up with I make templates for them for my customer or just cause I can make them. The website designs that people like me come up with allow them to be creative in there own way like a artist with there paints. For me I love using the creative side of my brain it’s fun and challenging for me. IF YOU WANT A WEBSITE DESIGN DONE BY ME, GIVE ME A CALL AT (702)776-0608 OR EMAIL ME AT BRATSMAN2009@YAHOO.COM !!!! the more people i get that follow me the more often I will post a new blog. so Please share my blog with Friends and family that are in to this stuff

My Story

Hello everyone my name is Justin. I just want to start off by saying why do you need a college degree for anything. Not every job out there requires schooling for it like website design. There are plenty of schools out there that teach website design but the three I have attended online have not been any good. Everything that I know and have learned for website design I know from reading books on coding and other stuff. And have done internet research on coding and watch many hours of YouTube videos on coding. Right now In coding languages I know some java, php and know HTML really well. I created a simple fly by banner code with simple HTML code that works with a link in it. And did this with 8 hours of studying in HTML one night and found some easy to use codes and combined them to make this flyby banner and a really big search engine company could not get theres to work with a link it. And when the person I created this for put it on there website and told that company by e-mail they came and found his login information and stole the code and took it off their site. But what the big search engine firm failed to realize that the person who created the flyby banner still had the code to put back on that persons website. I’ve learned a lot of coding just from reading books and watching many videos on website design. Right now I have 15 books in website coding languages and none of my books are more than a year old. Now how many website design company’s that hire people for website design make their people go back to school to learn more of the current stuff. Most of them start a business and hire people to do the designs and coding, and when some new coding comes up in the technology world they go and find someone new to add to their team of designers. So you end up paying that whole companies salary to design websites if you use them. I don’t know about you but I would rather hire a person that is a go getter and would rather go learn the new website design coding langauge on their own via books or videos. Well I’m that person, I have just recently got my business license to run my business in website design. I do have prices that I would like for my designs. But I am willing to work with people and there budgets. But if you want quality work you got to pay for it and it don’t always come cheap. I do not design website pages from templates. I do create unique designs on my own. I do mock-up the websites in a program called fireworks so I can see what my design looks like before I post it to the web. Once I do the mock-up in fireworks, I do all the coding in dreamweaver. And whats nice about me is that none of my designs are the same because I keep a record of what I have designed. So every thing I do come up with is different in some way or form. I am also good at using Photoshop for custom text effects, and photo enhancements and editing. So if you like what you just read come back for more in a couple of days and you will see my latest blog. BUT IF YOU WANT A WEBSITE DESIGN DONE GIVE ME A CALL AT 702-776-0608 OR EMAIL ME AT BRATSMAN2009@YAHOO.COM